Architects and Interior Designers

Ezzell ISD
Hallettsville, Texas
21,409 SF
Total Cost:
$3.4 Million

Ezzell School Additions & Renovations

Ezzell ISD is a highly rated, rural district in Lavaca County, Texas. Portions of the former school dated back to 1922 with the newest prior addition completed in 1989. The purpose of the New Ezzell School was to combine all grades under one roof, making the campus much safer and more efficient. The new facility provides the added benefits of improved energy efficiency and modern electrical, plumbing and technology infrastructure.

The building’s “Little Red School House” design was carefully crafted to feel consistent with the district’s rural environment. Traditional materials and modern forms create a contemporary structure that is well suited to the environment. The interior of the new school features administrative offices, cafeteria and kitchen, large teacher workroom, library and 11 new classrooms.